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 Podcast Interview with

Dr. Dina Bennett

Curatorial Director at the National Museum of African American Music.

Dr. Dina M. Bennett is the Curatorial Director at the National Museum of African American Music, and an ethnomusicologist who specializes in African American music and culture.

 Podcast Interview with

Mark Dupree

Wyandotte County District Attorney at Wyandotte County KS

Mark A. Dupree, Sr., is the District Attorney of Wyandotte County, KS, the 4th largest county in the State of Kansas. Dupree’s focus is equitably charging and prosecuting crime, being proactive, attacking violent crimes and crimes that affect the standard of living in the community.

 Podcast Interview with

Shanelle Dupree

Author. Speaker. Lawyer. Strategic Connector. Social Service Administrator. Wife & Mom of 4

Shanelle Dupree has spent most of legal career advocating for children and families. She is a Washburn Law alumnus and licensed to practice law in Kansas. After working for the Kansas Health Policy Authority, she built a successful family law practice.

 Podcast Interview with

Shawn Hughes

Development Specialist for

City of Kansas City, MO

Shawn Hughes is a City Development Specialist at the Kansas City MO city government.

 Podcast Interview with
Kevin Willmott

Professor at the University of Kansas

Film Director & Producer

  • The BlacKkKlansman

  • Da 5 Bloods

  • The Only Good Indian

  • C.S.A: Confederate States Of America

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